Ivan Marinković

Research Assistant

PhD, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad, 2016.

MSc in Demography, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, 2010.

BSc in Demography, Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade, 2004.


  • Mortality
  • Ageing of the population
  • Nationality


Employed at the Centre for Demographic Research of the Institute of Social Sciences in Belgrade since 2008, initially as research trainee, and since 2010 as research assistant. From 2005 to 2008 he was a Ministry of Sciencescholarship recipient. The results of his academic work and research include about 20 authored and co-authored papers in scientific journals and proceedings. He explores various topics in demography, most often those concerning mortality. He has also researched population structures and some aspects of fertility.

Ivan Marinković’s contribution to the development of demography in Serbia is also reflected in his work on the digitalization of the Multilingual Demographic Dictionary, as well as the fact that he was one of the initiators of the international conference “Demographic Challenges in the Territory of the Former Yugoslavia” in Belgrade, 2016, where he was a member of the program and organizational committees. He is actively engaged in the popularization of demography and demographic topics, writing for Demografskipregled, a publication primarily intended for governmental bodies and services, non-governmental organisations, media and journalists, as well as students of demography.

Membership in professional organizations:

  • Association of Demographers of Serbia (secretary of the Association since 2011)

Selected publications:

  • Marinković, Ivan (2012) “Uzrocismrti u Srbiji od sredine 20. veka”, Stanovništvo, year L, No. 1/2012, pp. 89-106.
  • Marinković, Ivan (2012). Prerana smrtnost: Potencijalno izgubljene godine života stanovništva Srbije, 1950-2010. In: M. Rašević, Marković M. (eds.) “Pomeraćemogranice”, Institute of Social Sciences, Belgrade, 9-23. ISBN 978-86-7093-141-1.
  • Marinković, Ivan (2010) “Grupisanjezemaljapremavodećimuzrocima smrti u svetu početkom 21. veka”, Stanovništvo, XLVIII, No. 1/2010, pp. 75-102.


Collection of papers