Jelena Predojevic-Despic

Research Associate

DSc, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, 2015 (Thesis: Migration of Highly Educated Persons from Serbia to Canada and the United States of America since 1991)

MSc, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, 2002 (Thesis: Population Reproduction in the Works of Authors from Kosovo and Metohija)

BA in Albanian Language and Literature, Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, 1994


  • Migration
    • social and demographic aspects of migration
    • migration of skills
    • relationship between migration and development
    • transnational entrepreneurship, immigrant entrepreneurship


Since 1997 employed at the Institute of Social Sciences (Demographic Research Centre), working in various research positions. She has published over 40 scholarly papers. As an author she has participated in numerous scientific projects and conferences in Serbia and abroad.

Her expertise includes the interlink between migration, demographics, the labour market and human capital processes, especially in South-East Europe. Her current research focuses on the migration of skills, transnational entrepreneurship, and factors influencing talent attraction back to the country of origin.

Membership in professional organizations:

  • Association of Demographers of Serbia

Selected bibliography:

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Collection of papers