Jovanka Matic

Research Associate

PhD in communications, University of Belgrade, 2006

MA in communications, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, 1985

BA in journalism, University of Belgrade, 1978


  • theory of media and communication
  • media system of Serbia
  • political and election communication


Jovanka Matic is one of the pioneers of media studies in Serbia, making use of the theoretical legacy of critical cultural studies and empirical research on the role of media in Serbian political life.

She is the author of the first systematic research of election communication, combining a political science study of elections with a study of media presentations of the election campaign.

She has published more than 70 scientific papers, most of which rely on her own empirical research using the method of quantitative-qualitative content analysis.

Her media studies analyze strategies of media representation of a large number of topics, such as political life in Serbia, security sector reform, relations between Serbia and the European Union, the issue of Kosovo, human rights, national minorities, and so on.

Her recent works analyze the development of Serbia's media system, media policy and regulation (especially with regard to public service media), and the political economy of media.

She has headed a number of research projects, participated in international and national conferences, and has long experience in teaching students.


  • Serving the Public or the Government: Pluralism of opinions in the news program of public service television in Serbia, , Dobar naslov, Belgrade, 2014.
  • Serbia, Media Integrity Matters: Reclaiming Public Service Values in Media and JournalismPeace Institute - Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies, Ljubljana, 2014.
  • Serbian Media Scene vs European Standards: Report Based on Council of Europe’s Indicators for Media in a Democracy,, ANEM, Beograd, 2012.
  • Soft Censorship: Strangling Serbia’s Media, 2013


Collection of papers