Marko Galjak

Research Assistant

2017 – Master of computing in social science, University of Belgrade

2014 – Master of demography, Geography Faculty, University of Belgrade

2011 – Bachelor of demography, Geography Faculty, University of Belgrade


  • Mortality
  • Age structure
  • Fertility
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Philanthropy


Marko was born in Smederevo, where we attended elementary school and high school. In the third year of high school Marko, together with his peers, founded an NGO called Creative Youth Network – EIDOS, which had the goal of improving the position of youth in the local community through programmes of informal education and to strengthen their influence on the decision making process. After high school, Marko started his Bachelor studies at the Demography Department of Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade. He finished his Bachelor studies in March of 2011 with the graduate thesis on Role of Government in Demographic Development – Example of the USA. For two years after graduation Marko worked at the NGO he founded in high school on various youth education projects. He enrolled into Demography Master’s program at the Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade in 2013 and finished his degree in October of 2014 with the thesis on Mortality in Serbia and the European Union – A Comparative Analysis. His master thesis was chosen as the best thesis in his study group. The same year Marko enrolled in the Ph.D. programme at the Faculty of Geography. For the first two semesters, Marko worked as a demonstrator at the Faculty, teaching labs for two subjects Computing and Business Statistics. After the first year of Ph.D. studies, Marko enrolled in additional Master’s programme - Social Sciences and Computing at the University of Belgrade. During the year 2016, he attended both programmes and completed all his exams in record time on both programmes with highest possible GPA. In January of 2017. Marko graduated with his second Master’s degree with his thesis: Application of R Programming Language in Social Network Analysis – Example of 2016 elections in Serbia. In 2017. Marko started working for Catalyst Balkans as a Data Scientist, where he combined his two great passions – data analysis and activism. Since July 2018 Marko works at the Institute of Social Sciences as a Research Associate.

Selected publications:

  • Galjak, M. (2014). Amenable mortality in Serbia and European Union: Comparative analysis. Demografija, 11(1), 135-145.
  • Magdalenić, I., & Galjak, M. (2015). Ageing map of the Balkan Peninsula. Journal of the Geographical Institute “Jovan Cvijić” SASA, 66(1), 75-89. doi:10.2298/IJGI1601075M


Collection of papers