14. November 2019, Novi Sad

Dr. Mirjana Dokmanović, Research Associate of the Institute of Social Sciences, participated the international scientific conference “The Legal Framework and the Economic Development of the Southeast European Countries” organised by the Faculty of Law of the University Business Academy in Novi Sad. Dr. Dokmanović presented her paper “Food Sovereignty and Agroecology from the Human Rights and Environmental Perspective“. 

7. November 2019, Bratislava

Dr Marko Milenković, research fellow of the Institute of Social Sciences, participated at the workshop "From economic to energy transition - Three decades of transitions in Central and Eastern Europe" at the Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. Dr Milenković presented paper "Transition to renewable energy in Serbia – EU integration with(out) membership and inconsistent implementation of standards", coauthored with Ms Milica Pešterić, senior associate of Bojović & Partners, Belgrade.

2019-05-30 - Dr Marko Milenkovic presented work on differentiated integration and EU integration of the Western Balkans

Last week Dr Marko Milenkovic took part in conference “Beyond EU ‘Membership’? Current issues and future perspectives” organized by the Centre for European Research in Maastricht (CERiM). Dr Milenkovic presented paper “The Western Balkans and European Union enlargement – (limited) possibilities under differentiated integration” in a panel dedicated to current EU candidates. Conference will be followed by the edited volume featuring contributions by some of the leading EU scholars.

31 January 2019  

During January, Aysun Şekersöz, a student at the Law School in Istanbul (Kadir Has Universiti, Istanbul, Turkey) conducted research process at the Institute of Social Sciences, Center for Legal Research, under the mentorship of Dr. Hajrija Mujovic, in the period from 09.01.2019. until 02.02.2019. A. Şekersöz became acquainted with the work of the Institute and ongoing research, and she will show her research results in an article published at her Faculty. (photo gallery)

8 January 2019 - NEW PUBLICATION -

O paradoksu progresa / Vladimir Mentus. - Beograd : Institut društvenih nauka, 2018

ISBN 978-86-7093-214-2

Research groups
  1. 10 July 1957

    The Institute of Social Sciences established.
    - Departments of economic sciences, sociology, history sciences and political and legal sciences formed.

  2. 1958. - 1965.

    Graduate school of social sciences operated within the ISS.

  3. 1961.

    Department of Philosophy established.

  4. 1962.

    Centre for Demographic Research founded.

  5. 1963.

    Journal Stanovništvo launched .
    - Centre for the Research of Public Opinion established.

  6. 1969.

    Department of History Sciences becomes the Institute of Contemporary History.

  7. 1977.

    ISS founder’s right assumed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

  8. 1981.

    The Institute joins the University of Belgrade.
    - Centre for Philosophy and Social Theory established.

  9. 1992.

    Centre for Philosophy and Social Theory becomes independent.

  10. 1998.

    ISS excluded from the University.

  11. 2014.

    Procedure initiated for rejoining the University of Belgrade.

  12. 2016.

    Resource Centre for Research Support established;
    - Centre for Philosophy established;
    - Group for Anthropological Research formed within the Centre for Sociological Research.


Collection of papers